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Home of your custom-sewn
period reproduction clothing

We sew historically accurate garments for virtually any era:
  ¤  Early American
  ¤  Civil War
  ¤  Medieval (non-theatrical)
  ¤  Victorian
  ¤  Turn of the Century

"Ms. Doreen gives you the best quality and the best fit for the most authentic costume. We love how she works with us!"

Madison La Light Artillery Group
Ontario, N.Y.

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I've been in business since 1988, and my passion for historical re-enactments continues to grow today. My creations clothe everyone from re-enactors to professional historical interpretators, to displays in museums themselves. It is my goal to encourage you to take part in this fascinating past time by providing you with period clothing and accessories. And I don't just mean historical-looking clothing; I mean custom-tailored historically accurate reproduction garments. You'll find no hidden velcro, zippers, or snaps on outfits I create, because they weren't invented yet! If they didn't use it when they made the clothing then, I won't use it now.

Your new uniform or period costume is a serious commission. I primarily use the highest quality wool fabric from Woolrich in my military clothing. I have quite an extensive collection of period patterns (some of which I've displayed here) although I'll be happy to use a pattern or special fabric that you choose to supply, which could save you 40%! Supplying your own fabric may also save you time since I don't carry a lot of custom fabric in stock. In fact, your interpretation of a garment is more likely to be created if you supply the pattern and fabric. Your satisfaction is my highest priority. Although I don't offer refunds on custom-fitted orders, we'll work together until you're happy with the final product.

As I don't have a retail store, I'm happy to finally expand my showroom from my tent "in the field" at local re-enactments, to the World Wide Web. Please take a moment to browse my website. You may contact me at any time with questions or comments. Thank you for visiting the Historical Seamstress!

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