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Girls Wear
Boys Wear

We sew clothing for toddlers to children as old as 14. The following are brief descriptions and prices of our children's garments.

When you're ready to order, simply fill out the Children's Measurement and Order Form completely. You'll have the opportunity to list all of the garments or accessories you'd like to purchase. (Ladies and Men use respective Size Charts please.)

Clothing for Girls
Short-sleeve blouse$15.00
Long-sleeve blouse$20.00
Skirt with ruffles$35.00
Skirt with two tiers$30.00
Every day dress$25 - $35
Fancy dress$40.00 & up
Hoops (one wire)$25.00
Boone frock with bonnet$20.00
Basic outfit (drawers, petticoat, chemise, dress)$75.00

Clothing for Boys *
Sailor suit$50.00
Knickers$20.00 & UP
Boone frock with bonnet$20.00
Basic set (shirt, trousers and suspenders)$60.00
* Boys clothing is up to size 12.
After that, Men's small size is usually suitable.
Girls Day Wear

Little Girls Day Wear