Ms. Doreen The Historical Seamstress

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Contact the Historical Seamstress

By Phone:

(585) 638-6159

Please expect to leave a message.
Your call will normally be returned within 24 hours.

By Mail:

Doreen Clark
The Victorian Thimble & Petal
4518 Hindsburg Road
Holley, New York 14470

Please remember that my Store is here on the Internet, or at any of the scheduled shows. Although you may contact me at the above address, we do not have a retail store located there. Visits without appointments only hinder sewing in progress, so I thank you in advance for being considerate.

By E-mail:

E-mail me at

NOTE: Due to the high volume of spam,
I do not always receive genuine e-mails.
Please don't hesitate to telephone me.
I'll be happy to call you back promptly.

The Historical Seamstress