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Ladies Day Wear

Ladies Walking Dress

Ladies Under-pinnings

Ladies Corset

We sew all sizes of Ladies Dresses and Under-pinnings, from "Misses" to "Mature Form." The following are brief descriptions and prices of our ladies garments. Don't forget to browse the frills and extras on our accessories page.

When you're ready to order, simply fill out the Ladies Measurement and Order Form completely. You'll have the opportunity to list all of the garments or accessories you'd like to purchase. (Men and Children use respective Size Charts please.)

Ladies Dresses
Every-day dress$100.00
Work or camp dress$95.00
Walking dress with top$150.00
Ball, Dinner, or Evening dress$150.00 & up
Work skirt (cartridge pleated)$70.00
Skirt to go over large hoop$65.00
Cotton Garibaldi bodice$45.00
Muslin bodice$35.00
Flannel bodice (Garibaldi)$60.00
Tucked bodice$50.00
Gathered bodice (plain)$35.00
Lacy over bodice$50.00
Over bodice$55.00
Basic, soft, past pattern bodice$55.00

Ladies Jackets and Coats
Long cape$150.00
Short cape$75.00
Fitted jacket$85.00
Sack jacket$70.00
Linda's Coat
(pictured at right)
Hand knitted shawl$85.00
Crocheted sontag, lightweight$55.00
Knit sontag$65.00

Ladies Under-pinnings
Flounced petticoat$85.00
Under sleeves$10 - $15
Over the hoop petticoat$45.00
Under the hoop petticoat$35.00
Chemise (or shift)$30.00
Corsets - custom fitted only$125.00
Pantalets (drawers)$30.00
See "Accessories Page" for hoops

"I'm so impressed with the corset fit. They are so comfortable that we don't want to take them off!"

Linda & Ashley Tyree
Spencerport, N.Y.

Ladies Evening Gown
Ladies Day Wear
Linda's Coat
Ladies Day Wear
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