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Union Vest and Shirt

Civilian Trousers

Civilian Vest and Shirt

We sew all sizes of Men's Military and Civilian clothing, from "Juniors" to "Mature Form." The following are brief descriptions and prices of our men's garments, both soldier and civilian wear. Don't forget to browse for extras and trimmings on our accessories page.

I create many one of a kind uniforms, from Officers to Privates, such as Sharpshooters, Zouave, etc, and therefore do not list them all. If you have a certain uniform or rank in mind, please ask. I primarily use the highest quality wool fabric from Woolrich in my military clothing.

When you're ready to order, simply fill out the Men's Measurement and Order Form completely. You'll have the opportunity to list all of the garments or accessories you'd like to purchase. (Ladies and Children use respective Size Charts please.)

Soldiers Wear
U.S. issue shirt, white, unbleached$30.00
Shirt in red or white flannel$50.00
Shirt in plaid, prints or stripes$40.00
Wool pants, fabric from WoolRich, Inc. Many colors available.$85.00
Cotton pants$60.00
Calvary pants in sky blue, navy, butternut, or gray$95.00
Mule ear pockets$15.00
Sack coat$85.00
Shell jacket$140.00
Frock coat$200.00
Great coat$250.00
Hardpacks (photos below-
made of wood, cotton duck, and leather)

Soldier or Civilian Wear
Drawers, muslin$40.00
Drawers, in red or white flannel$50.00
Flannel shirt$55.00
Dress Shirt (buttons up the front)$60.00
Zouave of the 140th NYVI of Rochester, NY

White Cotton Shirt

Military Coat