Ms. Doreen The Historical Seamstress

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Sewing & Needlework Supplies

Since I carry different stock at different times, I'm not able to list everything here. Please contact me with a specific inquiry, or for current prices.

When you're ready to order, simply fill out the Accessories and Sewing Supplies Order Form completely. You'll have the opportunity to list all of the supplies you'd like to purchase.

I always carry a wide selection of:

¤Wool yarns *
¤Brittney knitting needles
¤Wool Quilt batting * available in steamed (lower loft) or high loft.
¤Wool Duvet stuffings *
¤WoolRich wools
¤Reproduction fabrics - Civil War period
¤Corset-making supplies
¤"Period Impression" patterns for the French & Indian , Revolutionary, and Civil Wars, as well as other time periods
¤Period knitting & crocheting manuals
¤Attention spinners! We have raw wool fleeces in Dorset, Merino, and Tunis breeds upon request at market prices

Authentic Reproduction Yarns & Threads

Period Impression Patterns

* Note: All wool products are a special wool blend from our own sheep.